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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Officer

Wisdom teeth can often create dental problems once they appear, since your mouth may not have enough space. This can create crowding for the existing teeth get trapped inside the gum (impacted). This can cause pain; enough to make eating and talking a problem.

Serious Dental Problems Due to an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

An impacted wisdom tooth is not only painful but can develop into serious dental issues if not treated. It can lead to swelling of the gum tissue, infection or cysts. Therefore, it is suggested to immediately visit our emergency dentist if you feel any discomfort from your wisdom tooth.

Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

The amount of pain experienced during a wisdom tooth removal may depend on the extent of the situation. However, dentistry in Officer, Pakenham, Beaconsfield, and Berwick has advanced over the years and procedures have been made quite comfortable. A gentle dentist will make use of numbing agents or anaesthetics to make the extraction procedure as painless as possible. Therefore, you can now book can get your teeth extracted with much less anxiety in Officer, Pakenham, Beaconsfield, & Berwick.

Tooth Extraction Pakenham

Tooth Extraction Pakenham

Wisdom Tooth Removal at Station Street Dental in Officer

If you are a regular client at Station Street Dental in Officer, then regular oral evaluations can keep you up to date about your wisdom teeth. Preventive care education can also inform you about when to consult your dentist about your wisdom teeth and how to reduce the risk of infection.

When it comes to extractions, we have a relaxed environment and a gentle dentist to complete the procedure. We also provide oral care after the extraction and guidelines about what to avoid in order to prevent a post-extraction dental issue or discomfort.
If your wisdom teeth are causing discomfort or you think they should be removed, you can book an appointment with Station Street Dental in Officer today. A new clinic has been opened up in Officer that provides an affordable dentist and late-night appointments as well. We help you get rid of discomfort and maintain a beautiful smile.