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Child Dentistry

Child Dental Care in Officer

Childhood is the most significant age for dental healthcare. Ensuring healthy dental care for your children should not be ignored. It not only prevents dental issues when their teeth are still developing but makes them learn good habits about hygiene and care as well.

While child dental hygiene and care is important, it can be difficult to convince your child to visit the dentist. Children can be more anxiety-prone when they know something is going to cause pain or discomfort. Therefore, regular dentist visits often get ignored for children. However, at Station Street Dental in Officer, we have gentle dentists that will make sure your child is comfortable during any dental procedure.

Officer Children Dental Care

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides $1000 over 2 consecutive calendar years for children aged between 2 and 17 years. At Station Street Dental in Officer we bulk bill treatment carried out under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, so you don’t have to worry about out of pocket costs.

When Should Child Dental Care Begin?

Experts recommend that child dental care should begin as early as 1 year old. This not only helps the dentist evaluate the oral development but helps the child become accustomed to dental visits. Future dental care will become easier if apprehension is eliminated at an early age.
Early dental care and regular visits ensure a proactive approach to the child’s dental health. Many issues can be resolved before they become serious and future concerns can be avoided.

Officer Children Dentistry

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Dental services Formulated for Children

Childhood is an active life and it should remain that way. The dental health of your child should be strong enough that it causes no hindrance in the eating, drinking, or other activities of their daily life. Children interested in sports should also have a mouthguard constructed so their teeth can be protected during sporting events.

Affordable and Convenient Child Dental Care

For developing a thorough child dental care schedule, consult our gentle dentist at Station Street Dental in Officer today. Our affordable dentist ensures that your child receives the necessary or immediate care required without hassle. Dental care plans can be formulated at convenient rates. An emergency dentist is also available along with late night appointments, so your child never has to suffer long.

Ensure a beautiful smile for your child by investing in their dental health today. Visit or contact us at our new dental clinic in Officer to learn more about child dental care plans.