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Crown & Bridges


A veneer can be used to repair single or multiple teeth. It is a thin layer made from custom-designed porcelain. It is fitted to the tooth and covers over its natural structure, so can enhance its appearance
Veneers are recommended by dentists for numerous dental issues. Whether you have misaligned or misshapen teeth, gaps between the teeth or size discrepancies, veneers may treat your issues. But It is especially recommended for discolored or stained teeth. In addition to that, your dentist may also suggest you to opt for such a treatment if you have a small chip or fracture in your tooth.


A crown is an alternative to your natural tooth. It replaces a damaged or diseased tooth completely with no other tooth or root involved. After the treatment is completed, you will be able to chew, brush etc. with ease and in a natural manner, just the way you used to do it before the treatment.


In case your adjacent teeth are missing, you can opt for a bridge treatment and get back your attractive and beautiful smile. The gap, which is left by the missing teeth is filled using a bridge. A bridge is typically made using single or more crowns that serve as anchors.
Bridges are designed depending on the condition of the patients. Therefore, they can enhance the smile of an individual while helping to eliminate any pain or function issues.

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