Dental Surgery or Emergency Dentists

Dental Surgery or Emergency Dentists

Whether you’ve been kept awake by a toothache, have a sharp or broken tooth, bleeding, have had an accident, need a dental surgery or have simply broken your denture, our friendly team will both listen and organise a time to see you to deal with the problem.

Restoration and Replacement

Our emergency dentist in Officer, Pakenham, Beaconsfield, & Berwick can help with situations where teeth have been damaged, require dental surgery or broken on impact. Depending on your situation, a temporary relief may be provided followed by a more permanent solution. Our dentists are incredibly good at their job; ensuring that you maintain your dental appearance and a beautiful smile after the procedures.

Be assured we are here to help and will respond to your needs as soon as possible. If practical, we will answer at any reasonable time, even on holidays or at the weekend.

Dental Surgery Pakenham